RAPHAEL OLIVER began his career as a makeup artist in 2010. After moving from the small town of only 3,000 inhabitants where he was raised in the interior of the State of Tocantins, where he attended all of his high school.

Through his research he built his own techniques.

His success broke barriers and 3 years later he taught his first course outside his state of residence. It was the first step of his trajectory as an educator.

In 2013 he established the RAPHAEL OLIVER STUDIO, currently RAPHAEL OLIVER SALON.

His sensitivity to the individuality of each person that passes through his hands has always been his mark and differential.

Graduated in Marketing, and with professional experience in Advertising and Photography, he was enchanted by the vast world of makeup and was able to master all his experience and knowledge creating business with love and purpose.

In 2017 he developed the MASTER CLASS R.O, his MasterClass that travels the main capitals of Brazil, taking to his followers and artists that admire him the opportunity to specialize and to evolve his works and his professional careers without having to move.

In 2018 he gave his first International Workshop, in the city of Guayaquil, Ecuador.

In 2019 begins his world tour, where he will go through several countries and take his techniques and brilliant insights to professionals and lovers of art around the world.

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